Here you will find a comprehensive overview of my policies, rates, and what it's like to work with me. If this doesn't answer your questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


Your fee includes the following services:

Modeling: Clothed up to artistic nudity. Nudity is understood as art or fashion nude style.

Some glamour or light fetish work is considered on a case by case basis. Shoots of this nature will require higher rates than listed here. Inquire directly by email.

Makeup and Hair: I strive to arrive to our shoot with basic hair and makeup, camera-ready, and if I need time to touch up, our clock doesn’t start until that basic look is done! I can add to this, or make changes throughout the session. Changes or additions to the basic look are included in the session time. I also have a variety of wigs available if you don’t like my current hair-style, so please inform me in advance of preferences.

Wardrobe Styling: I travel with a unique selection of wardrobe and lingerie, an eclectic mix of vintage and high-end designer brands. I cannot always accommodate specific requests, but I am always happy to try. Any extra or specific items will be provided by the photographer. When I am backpacking, wardrobe is extremely limited.

Art Direction/Creative Input: Creatively engaging is my favorite part of modeling! Given a starting point I can build something special. I have a strong understanding of light and composition, and a narrative imagination. If you require me to do the majority of art direction and/or provide intricate concepts or props/wardrobe, there will be an reasonable additional fee. I will not discuss concepts in depth without receiving a deposit first.

Additional Skills: DANCE, fire performance, underwater shoots, yoga, technical climbing, PADI certified, character development, theatrical makeup, bad puns, animal whispering. I'm also an avid outdoors-person and have some training as a first responder/wilderness medic.

**Please note: the clock does not stop for hair/makeup changes. The clock also does not stop if the photographer needs a break or change of setup, see details about model necessitated breaks in “Limitations”

***Please also note if extensive cleanup is required (ie in the event of a “messy” shoot) the time to shower/clean off will be included with the session time.

1 hr: $140
2 hr: $260
3 hr: $360
4 hr: $450
8 hr: $800

This rate is for one photographer only, unless otherwise discussed.

This fee may be paid in cash or Paypal.
I also accept Venmo and CashApp.
Shorter bookings cost more per hour due to the costs/time commitment of prep for each shoot.

*Fee Remainder is to be exchanged at the beginning of our shoot, not at the end.

**For location shoots, between 30 minutes to 2 hours of travel time (dependent on length of session) between locations is on the house, because I like variety and adventure. Any travel time beyond this amount will be count at half-time towards the session time.


Because I am scheduling my life and budget around photo shoots, I ask for a deposit, 50% of the shoot fee, due at the time we decide a date via Paypal. This 50% will apply towards the shoot, so the other 50% will be due when I arrive.

- While my preference is to follow this policy- if you are uncomfortable with a deposit, I understand. The alternative is that you contractually agree to pay a cancellation fee in line with the below-mentioned policies if you cancel after we have confirmed.

Paypal email address is :


Cancellation: scheduled shoot cancelled under either controlled or unforeseen circumstance.

These fees apply to ALL cancellations, including bookings without placed deposits:

- 2 weeks or more before our scheduled shoot $50 is due
-1-2 weeks, $50 or 20% of the total fee, whichever is greater
-Less than 1 week: 50% of total fee is due
-Within 48 hours: 100% of total fee is due

If you have placed a deposit, that will count towards the fee. Cancellation fees must be paid within 24 hours of cancellation unless otherwise explicitly discussed.

If, in the unlikely event there are disruptions to my schedule and cancellation is necessary, photographer will be notified with as much advance notice as possible. All deposits will be immediately refunded. Any loss incurred to the photographer (ie kill fees/studio rental, etc) will be immediately reimbursed.


I wish this section could be shorter, please bear with me.

  • I was recently diagnosed with a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which makes my joints prone to injury, among other things that make navigating a body somewhat difficult. I may require breaks to prevent injury and recover from fatigue, but MOST days it's not a concern. We can discuss this in advance, but any designated significant break times on my behalf will stop the clock, provided I am allowed to fully mentally and physically disengage from the shoot during that break.
  • Please keep my well being in mind. I will do whatever is necessary to get the shot, to a certain degree. I will not excessively risk being arrested, getting ill, or injuring myself.
  • I do not pose beyond art/fashion nude styles. Unless previously discussed, I do not consent to imagery that exposes my genitals, and while accidents happen when posing up a storm- it is expected that clients will adjust angles and their image selection to respect this boundary.
  • I also do not wish to pose for content for paysites.
  • I am not comfortable being touched during a shoot. If a pose adjustment is necessary, please verbally communicate. If absolutely necessary- ask permission to make any adjustments before approaching me.
  • I will consider working with co-models, but need to be informed of their involvement well in advance.
  • Details of each photoshoot will be kept in writing. Phone number will be given upon receipt of deposit. Contact via my phone number (including text) will be used only for last minute changes, emergencies, or if photographer wishes to finalize plans within 48 hours of shoot. If you wish to share photos, ask for feedback, etc- please use email. 
  • I can no longer consider trade or partial trade for travel costs or accommodations. I need to manage my own logistics and will therefore be paid the above rates that take these costs into consideration.
  • For allergy and sensitivity reasons, I strongly prefer doing my own makeup. If you desire to use a talented and experienced MUA, please be sure to inform me well ahead of time, so we can discuss my concerns.
    To confirm you have read this section in it's entirety, please include the *specific* phrase "I have read and agree to all of your restrictions and limitations as listed on" in any written response or inquiry. Just Copy/Paste. If you don't include this, I'll likely ask you to read again.

    Thanks for bearing with me! 

Legal/ Release

- I am happy to sign model releases for personal use/creative publication, and provide my photo ID.

-Any tax ID requirements or commercial use must be transparent and upfront.

- My legal name listed on my photo ID is not to be credited under any circumstances.

“Leo Velo” is the only name to be used for image credit.

Additional Info

  • Snacks are great, but not necessary! I am vegan-ish, avoid high-sugar foods, and am VERY SERIOUSLY allergic to gluten and dairy. (I will still wear animal products, I just don't want them in my stomach due to digestive problems.) Water is preferred, rice crackers, apples and almond butter, chips and guac, fresh berries are all safe bets for snacks.
  • I always have music on me, but am happy to listen to yours, or just work in quiet as well.
  • In the last few years I came out about my non-binary gender identity- I am gender fluid- experiencing and expressing different genders at different times. This also means I use they/them pronouns. While I will still tolerate she/her in the context of my modeling work, any effort to use netural pronouns is euphoric and so appreciated!
  • I want our time together to be productive and enjoyable, and I tend to be upbeat and silly while not posing. As an extroverted introvert, I can also be quiet and focused at times, but that definitely doesn’t mean I’m not engaged in our shoot.
  • I believe the magic occurs when my collaborators and I can both leave our personal anxieties and frustrations at the door, and focus on the creative process at hand. This is why I attempt to communicate everything in detail well before the shoot via thorough policies and written communication. 

I look forward to sharing this fun and unique experience with you!

email contact:
paypal account:
Instagram: @leo.velo

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